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Where are the current Let Mommy Sleep locations?

Our Current Franchise Locations are in these cities:

Bethesda, MD       Boise, ID

Bergen Co., NJ     Chicago, IL

Boca Raton, FL      Dallas TX

Houston, TX           Las Vegas, NV

Leesburg, VA         Monmouth, NJ   

Philadelphia          San Antonio

Washington DC    Wichita, KS

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How is my franchise territory protected?

  • Franchise agreements outline a specific territory making owners legally bound to staying in their own territory.

  • Territories are very large with boundaries typically marked by county for the greatest chance of success. It wouldn't make sense for a partner to try to "steal" a family outside of their area because that family wouldn't usually be a drivable distance.

  • Our website and client intake infrastructure routes potential families to the correct area by zip code. Here’s an example of how it works in New Jersey; users have no choice but to be routed to the correct office.

  • Our technical infrastructure allows us see where every inquiry is coming from and where it’s going online so it would be very obvious if families were in the wrong territory.

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What's a typical day like for a franchisee?

As long as they have a way to communicate with their caregivers and families, franchise owners (or managers that they hire) can work from anywhere.

Daily operations usually include these 3 activities...

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What are the royalties? Are there any other fees?

Cost for a franchise is $29,000

Royalties are 4% of gross sales per month. This is the lowest end of royalties collected in franchising. 


Because advertising is so closely tied to our online presence, franchisees also pay a $300 Technology & Advertising fee each month which covers:

  • Corporate, Local and Affiliate Websites 

  • Calls routed to each franchise via our 800 number

  • Secure email 

  • Security certificates allowing for online credit card transactions

  • Proprietary app, LMS Live (

  • IT Team - Ongoing protection and maintenance of data. Our team is on-call at all times.

  • Daily and weekly curation of social media feeds (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest)...

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Do you offer financing? 

Yes! You are welcome to use any method of payment, but we now partner with Affirm for pay-over-time options.

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What's with your name?

When people hear the name Let Mommy Sleep, we receive a chuckle or a comment like "wish you were around when my kids were babies!" And that's the point! We want to bring the joy of new parenthood to everything we do, and make sure our branding demonstrates exactly this. The company was named in 2010 and we recognize that in the past 12 years words around gender and parenting have evolved.  And while the name won't change, we are committed to helping ALL parents and potential franchisees.  

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What exactly do Night Nurses & Nannies do? Are you guys Postpartum Doulas?

On a nightly basis, the role of LMS team members is to feed, soothe, bathe, change & provide all other gentle care to babies through the night.

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What do you guys do for the community? 

Our 501c3 non-profit,  Mission Sleep strives to provide free care to military & first responders whose babies arrive when a parent is deployed, wounded or deceased. Additionally we advocate for sensible postpartum care and have visited reps on Capitol Hill. Our team members also volunteer with organizations such as the Nevada Maternal & Child Health Coalition, the Virginia Dept of Health and Postpartum Support International.

Local charities and community efforts know they can count on LMS to pitch in for diaper drives, postpartum support and even administering COVID19 vaccines!

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