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Let Mommy Sleep Locations

The goal of our franchise is to bring overnight newborn care and night nurse services to families across America. This blog, Let Mommy Sleep Locations shares the cities in which we currently operate, areas we are targeting for expansion and answers to potential franchisee questions about operating a territory.

Let Mommy Sleep Locations
Heidi of LMS Idaho

Question: Are you in my town? Where are the Let Mommy Sleep locations?

Answer: Our Current Franchise Locations are in these cities:

Question: Are there locations where you are looking to specifically open?

Answer: The Let Mommy Sleep website receives quite a bit of web traffic from cities and states outside of our service areas. Sometimes this is because they are seeking evidence-based newborn care information. Other times the web traffic is a result of searching for qualified postpartum and doula care in their area. Either way, these searches act as a springboard for new businesses. The more search engines learn that terms like "baby nurse" or "how big is my newborns stomach" are linked Let Mommy Sleep, the more Let Mommy Sleep will be served in the search results.

For this reason we are specifically targeting the following cities which receive the most internet traffic via Google:

  • Austin and Waco, TX

  • Atlanta, GA

  • Raleigh and the Triangle, NC

  • Phoenix, AZ...

...and more. Of course we are open to interviewing potential owners in any state in which we are licensed and would use all of our marketing tools to help new owners succeed.

Some states require a local license to offer franchise sales. Franchises are overseen on a federal level but there are states which require oversight on a state level. In these cases LMS is required to obtain a state license before soliciting in those states. So yes, we will open in those states, we just need to register with the states first.

Question: What if I don't live in the territory where I want to open?

Answer: That's perfectly fine! As long as you have reliable internet and phone service you can run your franchise from anywhere. We recommend visiting your territory of course and having a local person in the field to help build relationships with recruits and local businesses. But as an owner, you can work from anywhere.

You can learn more about how our territories are protected here.

Question: Do I need a storefront?

Answer: Nope!

A brick and mortar storefront has many benefits: it's a great way to advertise, become a positive part of your community and provide a professional location for interviewing and meeting recruits and other potential partners. However a physical location can be expensive. Potential franchisees have the option of working from home and do not have to open a storefront if they don't want to.

map of US with pins on current let mommy sleep locations
Current Let Mommy Sleep locations

Question: What if someone contacts me from outside my area?

Answer: As long as the person contacting you for care is not in another franchise territory, you can certainly help them! If you can't get to them in person, you can schedule virtual visits or online baby care classes.

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