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Let Mommy Sleep Locations

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Let Mommy Sleep Locations
Heidi of LMS Idaho

Question: Are you in my town? Where are the Let Mommy Sleep locations?

Answer: Our Current Franchise Locations are in these cities:

Bethesda, MD

Bergen Co., NJ

Boca Raton, FL

Boise, ID

Charlottesville, VA

Chicago, IL

Las Vegas

Leesburg, VA

Monmouth, NJ

Northern Virginia

Orlando, Tampa & Naples, FL


Washington DC

Question: Are there locations where you are looking to specifically open?

Answer: The Let Mommy Sleep website receives quite a bit of web traffic from Texas and California. Google consistently reports those 2 states in the "Top 10" geographic areas where viewers search and find us, most likely because they are such large areas but also because there is a clearly a need for service. For this reason we would love to open in cities in CA and TX. Of course we are open to interviewing potential owners in any state however, and would use all of our marketing tools to help new owners succeed.

Question: Why are certain states listed in your footer...does it mean that you won't open in those states?

Answer: Some states require a local license to offer franchise sales. Franchises are overseen on a federal level but there are states which require oversight on a state level. In these cases LMS is required to obtain a state license before soliciting in those states. So yes, we will open in those states, we just need to register with the states first.

The states in which we are not yet licensed are listed in the footer of each page of this website and are: Hawaii, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin.

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