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What’s a Typical Day Like for a Franchisee?

Let Mommy Sleep franchise owners can work from anywhere and build and maintain their business to fit their own schedules and financial goals. While not mandatory, most owners are involved in the day to day operations of their business. Each day is different of course but daily operations typically break down into 3 areas of focus:

1. Recruiting: Interviewing and vetting potential Nurses and caregivers

2. Case Management: Educating and communicating with families

3. Marketing and Promotion: Creating relationships with your local parenting community


The success of Let Mommy Sleep is directly related to the team members representing us in the family home, and for this reason the components of recruiting and staff retention will happen almost every day. Like most professions, combing through the stack of resumes received to find a potential fit requires time and attention. Our hiring process is meticulous; onboarding and orientation can take up to 7 days and continually communicating with vendors -though very pleasant!- is an ongoing job.

Case Management

Answering questions from those considering night nanny service, communicating with families throughout the lifetime of our service to them and handling last minute changes are the duties of case managers. Because newborns ultimately decide our plans, family schedules remain fluid, and case management requires someone who’s flexible yet organized. If you enjoy supporting new and expecting parents, case management is where you will shine!


It’s expected that franchisees create relationships within their local parenting community and become trusted local leaders. This may not be a full-time job, but like Recruiting and Case Management it’s wise to contribute to marketing a little bit every day. Much of our marketing happens at the corporate level with social media promotion, content creation and continuous search engine optimization to ensure Let Mommy Sleep is at the top of Google searches, so franchisees should not worry about having a significant marketing budget. A large part of franchise training is dedicated to teaching new partners how to become a trusted local resource with very little financial cost.

Basic bookkeeping won’t happen every day but is also an important piece of the success puzzle for any business. For us that means ensuring team members are paid properly, invoicing families and keeping the accounts balanced and clean. It’s recommended that franchise owners use QuickBooks and a small business bookkeeper for everyday accounting needs, franchise reporting and end of year tax filings.

Whatever your goals are in franchise ownership, we are here to support you!

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