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What's with the Name? We're one of Entrepreneur Magazine's Top 50 Franchises Committed to Diversity

Updated: Apr 13

When people hear our name, Let Mommy Sleep, we receive a chuckle or a comment like "wish you were around when my kids were babies!" And that's the point! We want to bring the joy of new parenthood to everything we do, and make sure there's no question about what exactly the service provides. This branding began in 2010 when the owner named the company while literally laying in bed after finally putting her infant twins and 2 year old to sleep....again. And now in 2022, we're one of Entrepreneur Magazine's Top 50 Franchises Committed to Diversity! Make no mistake about it, we stand for ALL parents!

With a specifically gendered name, it's fair that sometimes people ask if "Daddy" is allowed to sleep too. And what about same-sex male parents? Or parents who don't identify either way? We of course want to serve ALL who are doing their best to care for their newborns. And one of the cornerstones of our business is to lead by example. With this in mind, we're now offering 10% off our franchise fee for LGBTQ+ franchisees. We want there to be no mistaking that we stand for all parents and as a show of this are putting our money where our mouth is.

As a 100% female owned company we are one of Entrepreneur Magazine's 50 Franchises Doing the Most to Champion Diversity. The healthcare and childcare industries are inherently diverse, says CEO Denise Stern, so we're in the fortunate position of having so many excellent voices and viewpoints to work with.

We are proud to expand our commitment to diversity even further and look forward to the future. Our statement of diversity remains : Sleep is a human need, so we serve all humans.

Interested in working with us or learning more about franchising? Click here!

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