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What's a Tech Fee?

Updated: Jan 15

updated, Jan 15 2024 - A common question we receive from perspective franchisees is about our technology fee...what is it and why do we require this fee instead of a marketing fee? This blog serves to answer this franchise FAQ, What's a Tech Fee?

Our goal is to make marketing and communication seamless for our franchisees. Marketing often comes under the umbrella of your digital storefront, SEO social media and digital promotion so our tech fees include the crossover between online and traditional advertising. Here's wha that means:

National and Local Websites

Our websites are continually updated and maintained, ensuring keyword optimization, security and a seamless user experience.

Secure Communications

Firewalls, security certificates and protection of customer data need to be maintained constantly. Our team is on-call at all times securing:

secure email

online credit card platform

security certificates allowing for online transactions

Curation of social media feeds

Each social media feed has its own feel and purpose. Our social platform promotes your services and brand every day in the manner appropriate for that outlet. In other words we don't just repost to all feeds, we curate the content in the way those users will engage. Leads from these sources are forwarded to you.

In addition to traditional social media, we build, update and respond to inquiries and reviews on these top 10 sites:

Google Maps (formally called Google My Business) presence



Ongoing Media Contributions

We continually contribute to local and national media and highlight our owners as Industry Experts. Press releases, news features and expert contributions are an ongoing promotional effort. You can see our Press Library here.

SEO is part of our job at LMS corporate and by continually updating our own websites and social feeds, creating dynamic content for parenting sites and partnering with other recognized sites we're not only able to maintain our position as the Industry Leaders in newborn care, we're able to direct potential families to our much needed service and your specific location.

Let Mommy Sleep franchise owners Zoom meeting
LMS franchisees demonstrating the importance of technology!

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