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What's a Tech Fee?

Updated: Jun 6

A common question we receive from perspective franchisees is about our technology fee...what is it and why do we require this fee instead of a marketing fee?

Answer: Our goal is to make marketing and communication seamless for our franchises, families and team members. Doing so comes under the umbrella of technology so our tech fees cover the cost of:

  • Websites - corporate site as well as each city-specific website. We have 2 different websites for families to land on to ensure at least one is always at the top of local search engine results.

  • Automation of our sites - potential families receive instant answers tailored to their questions

  • Communications

  • calls routed via our 800 number, 877- 9SLEEP9

  • secure email

  • security certificates allowing franchisees to conduct transactions online

  • proprietary in-house HR app, LMS Live (

In addition to maintaining our digital storefronts, so much of our marketing happens online so technology fee also covers:

SEO is part of our job at LMS corporate and by continually updating our own websites and social feeds, creating dynamic content for parenting sites and partnering with other recognized sites we're not only able to maintain our position as the Industry Leaders in newborn care, we're able to direct potential families to our much needed service.

Let Mommy Sleep franchise owners Zoom meeting
LMS franchisees demonstrating the importance of technology!

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