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Night Nannies in Wichita, KS!

Exceedingly passionate about helping families in their beloved home state of Kansas, Sandy Schremmer, RN, BS, MBA and Rachael Eaves, RN, BSN have opened Let Mommy Sleep Wichita! With hearts of service for babies and their families, Sandy and Rachael are committed to providing real solutions to those experiencing postpartum depression and mood disorders. In a 2022 study, Kansas ranks last in mental health care. LMS Wichita is dedicated to fighting that statistic in maternal health as sleep and evidence-based support have been proven to help brand new parents.

Here's a little more about the very impressive owners, Sandy and Rachael:

  • Sandy Schremmer, RN, BS, MBA and Rachael Eaves, RN, BSN are a mother/daughter team!

  • They have a combined 30+ years of nursing experience in Wichita.

  • Both women are born and bred Kansans. Sandy is a graduate of the University of Kansas and Rachael earned her degree at Wichita State University.

  • Both owners are experienced in care at local hospitals and are extending their expertise to serve local newborns and their parents.

Night Nannies in Wichita, KS!

More about Let Mommy Sleep

Let Mommy Sleep began in Washington DC in 2010. With such high demand for postpartum support, this mom-owned and operated business quickly landed on a national stage, now opening the 13th location in Wichita, KS.

When asked "Why Let Mommy Sleep", co-owner Sandy Schremmer says: Both Rachael and I have always been drawn to the education aspect of nursing. To be part of that precious and special time when a family welcomes their baby is an incredible honor.

Rachael adds: Helping someone in what might be a new and scary situation feel comfortable is my favorite part of nursing...I am so excited to do this for parents!

In addition to being one of the many locations owned by healthcare workers, Let Mommy Sleep Wichita continues the tradition of being 100% woman owned and operated. And with an authentic understanding of the local ICT area and the needs of parents and families, LMS Wichita is a true partner to their community.

Team Wichita recently appeared on CBS affiliate KWCH-TV. See them in action above!

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