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Dallas and San Antonio: 2 New Franchises in Texas!

Exciting news for Texas parents – TWO new Let Mommy Sleep franchises are opening in Dallas and San Antonio! These two cities are renowned for their rich cultures, diverse communities, and family-friendly environments, and LMS is excited to become part of the postpartum communities. The 2 new territories join Houston territory for a total of 3 Texas locations. Welcome Dallas and San Antonio: 2 New Franchises in Texas!

Welcome Dallas and San Antonio: 2 New Franchises in Texas! - Get to know the Owners

The Dallas territory is owned by another mother/daughter team, Lorraine Wright and Khadine Blackwood. Khadine is an LMS alumnus and has worked in the field caring for newborns and their parents in Houston! Lorraine’s experience includes corporate accounting and HR.

Team San Antonio is compromised of life-long friends and now business owners Jasmin Brunnelson and Jane Bolalin. This is the second territory owned by Jasmin. For Jane this is a natural next step after working over 20 years in education.

Both of these teams are Let Mommy Sleep ownership "dreamteams" when we imagine franchisees. They have an understanding of and experience in postpartum care as well as a grasp of the logistics and business side of small business.

Texas state flag with Let Mommy Sleep logo in the star
Welcome Dallas AND San Antonio

Welcome Dallas and San Antonio: 2 New Franchises in Texas! - What Postpartum Care Services will be Offered?

Let Mommy Sleep in Texas will offer the same Industry Leading care and services that LMS has become known for:

  • Certified Newborn Care Providers (NCP) and Licensed Baby Nurses (RN & LPN)

  • Overnight Care: Night nanny and postpartum doulas support, allowing parents to receive deep, restorative sleep while their newborns are expertly attended to.

  • Feeding Support: Non-judgmental guidance and assistance with breastfeeding AND bottle feeding

  • Postpartum Screening: Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADS) screening

  • Sleep Training: For those parents struggling with getting their baby to sleep through the night, Let Mommy Sleep offers free guidance and strategies to establish healthy sleep routines.

  • Corporate Care: Companies in Dallas and San Antonio can now over postpartum benefits to their employees through our corporate care program.

Applications for newborn caregivers and Family Care Requests are available! see you on November 1!

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