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Your Digital Presence: A Crucial Part of the Night Nanny Business

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Nothing is more important than customer service when caring for newborns and their parents. The postpartum phase is one of the most vulnerable times in a human life, so being accessible, courteous and helpful are surefire ways to succeed as a franchise owner. This blog, Your Digital Presence: A Crucial Part of the Night Nanny Business describes another important part of customer service, your online presence.

Here at Let Mommy Sleep, online marketing, social media and automated client-facing communication ensure we're providing courteous and valuable responses in a timely manner.

Night Nurse handing happy baby to mom who just woke up from a full night of sleep.
Your Digital Presence: A Crucial Part of the Night Nanny Business

This means that local franchise websites provide targeted response to perspective client questions. This ensures your time is spent on personal connections, not fielding general or irrelevant inquiries.

In addition to territory specific websites, LMS offers a suite of complementary online destinations to help parents, nannies and franchisees. Through our sister sites and social media we serve customers where they are and direct them to you.

These are our sister sites, in addition to

  • - This website houses our classes for parents, nannies and perspective newborn care providers. Parents can book in-home or virtual visits on this site or get valuable info from the LMS team on the Ask the Baby Nurse blog. The can also book overnight care from here.

  • - This website provides our certificate based newborn and postpartum care class. A certificate is earned when the user successfully completes each module. It is a recruiting tool and can be a revenue stream for franchisees.

  • - This site allows users to access our how-to's of infant sleep training. It contains evidence-based and specific help to allow age-ready babies and toddlers to sleep independently.

And this is our social media overview:

Our social handle is @LetMommySleep on Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. We have additional accounts on Twitter (@newborncare) and LinkedIn (CEO Denise's account).

Franchisees don't have to have a social media presence unless they want to. It's always great to engage with the LMS audience but being a franchise partner means that you don't have to take on the daily responsibility of content creation and posting.

In addition to websites and social media that have a national presence, Let Mommy Sleep experts continually contribute to local markets with area specific blogs, news articles and market directories. This blog talks a little more about franchisees' online presence.

National and Local Media Presence

As part of Let Mommy Sleep, it's expected that franchisees contribute to the postpartum conversation in their communities and nationally. Our franchise owners, night nurses and even families are continually featured in national and local media. In addition to press releases and promotion surrounding your opening, we will continue to seek press and advocacy opportunities for you!

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