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What do you mean by "Ongoing Revenue Streams"?

There are 3 ways our franchisees can earn money while truly helping others:

Overnight Newborn Care

As the name suggests, our team of Night Nannies and Nurses provide nurturing care of newborns and evidence-based education to parents between 10pm and 7am overnight. For families that use the service, we're the vital support they need to recuperate from birth, care for their twins, return to work and more.

Newborn & Postpartum Care Classes

Teaching our state approved Newborn Care Provider curriculum to nannies, CNA's and child care groups in the classroom setting not only provides our own recruits with the most updated continuing education but also allows caregivers to have a versatile certificate to present during their job searches. We suggest pairing this class with an Infant CPR/First Aide course.

In-Home Baby Basics

In-home visits can happen before or after babies arrive and include teaching of basic care, feeding, safety and soothing methods. In home classes are open to parents, grandparents and anyone helping out the new family. Virtual visits and ongoing consults are also available.

We have a few other smaller opportunities to earn revenue such as social media placements and hotel partnerships as well! If you'd like to learn more about bringing Let Mommy Sleep to your town, let us know!

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