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National NAPS Registry for Postpartum and Newborn Caregivers!

We are thrilled to announce the integration of evidence-based education and transparency through the National Newborn and Postpartum Support (NAPS) Registry! The NAPS Registry is a nationwide listing of postpartum doulas, newborn care providers and nurses who have completed an evidence-based curriculum in:

  1. Newborn Care

  2. Postpartum Mental Health and Physical Recovery

  3. Breastfeeding Support

  4. Infant Safe Sleep

  5. Public Health Best Practices

As you may know, we've been advocating for governance and accountability in the overnight newborn care industry for years. Awarded a government contract from 2015-2021 for our teaching, the Let Mommy Sleep newborn and postpartum materials have been cited and taught by pediatricians, hospital healthcare systems and private care agencies. In response to COVID, NAPS became available online and nationally available. This was the significant step towards ensuring quality care for infants, parents and newborn caregivers.

By subjecting the curriculum to evaluation and review by licensed clinical providers and subject matter experts, NAPS demonstrates a commitment to continuing education third-party verification of the material. This registry not only benefits parents seeking trustworthy caregivers for their newborns, but also provides a means for caregivers to showcase their qualifications and expertise.

Our initiative to extend their evidence-based teaching through NAPS underscores our dedication to improving the overall quality of care provided to newborns as well as maternal health. While NAPS is available to all of our team at a reduced rate we have also made it available to independent night nannies and postpartum doulas. As the Industry Leaders in Newborn Care, we want to evaluate the entire workforce, not just those that choose to work with us. In this way, the NAPS curriculum and the National NAPS Registry fosters credibility, trust, and professionalism within the industry.

You can begin the Path to Certification here!

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