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Let Mommy Sleep has been providing nurturing care to newborns and evidence-based education to their parents since 2010. Our Registered Nurses (RN) and Newborn Care Providers (NCP) support families just home from the hospital with single babies, twins and higher order multiples.

We're the only franchise of our kind and our mission is to revolutionize postpartum care in America.

Proven Model
Industry Leaders
The Need for Service

  • 3 different ongoing revenue streams.

  • Work from home... work from anywhere!

  • Nationally recognized by the US Chamber of Commerce since 2013.

  • We require staff to maintain vaccinations, licensure & certificate-based education dedicated specifically to newborns & parents.

  • The overall U.S. twin birth rate has increased 76%

  • 61% of US families have both parents working.


  • Employers increasingly adding innovative parental benefits 

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