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Let Mommy Sleep provides what is sometimes called "baby nurse" care. The competitive advantage our team brings to families however is that we are actually Nurses. Did you know our Newborn Care Class was awarded a government contract to teach nannies and daycare workers?  This is the curriculum we use to teach nannies and daycare workers who are not nurses. So, our team has the skills to care for baby but also the credentials that bring comfort and credibility to new mothers and fathers.

Here's what some of our customers are saying about Let Mommy Sleep, the Nurses, and Newborn Caregivers.


Let Mommy Sleep Baby Nurse (RN) and Postpartum Mom
Let Mommy Sleep Newborn Care on FOXNews
Parents of Twins use Let Mommy Sleep Night Nanny on Fox5

"What a wonderful service! They were so easy to work with. We set up a loose schedule before our second child was born and easiest coordinated with the agency after she was born. The caretakers were very professional and took great care of our infant. The sleep I got made such a difference day to day. It truely saved my sanity the first few weeks. I can't recommend enough!" - Rachel P. 4/2018


"This review is long overdue.  We have had the best possible experience with Let Mommy Sleep.  From the initial setting us up with awesome overnight caregivers for our little girl, we couldn't be more satisfied.  This service was invaluable, and we will definitely be using them again for our second child.  Strongly recommend to anyone."  - Andrew L., 12/2017

Thank you again for sending Ariat to us a few weeks ago, she was a lifesaver!  Between the military's time committments and getting mastitis, I dont know how we would have managed without your help.   Her stay made such a difference that I was actually able to sing and play with our son in the morning; something I hadn't had the energy to do in a while.  It was magical. - Mission Sleep Mom

"Having help those first two nights home from the hospital was priceless and I am incredibly grateful for their time, guidance, and support. It is amazing how fragile you can feel as a new mommy...
(We) both felt so much better knowing that someone was here to watch over our little one while we tried to catch up on some much-needed rest."  - first time mom, Alexandria, VA 


"I wanted to take the time and write and thank you for this amazing service that you provide. During this very challenging time, I have found comfort, support, and true help from the nurses on your team. Thank you so much for all that you do. I don't think I would have made it this far without the help of "Let Mommy Sleep"! " - First time mom, Las Vegas, NV

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