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Welcome Orlando, Tampa & Naples!

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

The term "Nurse" is a protected title in most states including Florida so when we say that our newest franchisee Bridgett is a "Baby Nurse," we truly mean it! Since 2008 Nurse Practitioner Bridgett Miller Dixon, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC has cared for newborns and their parents through all stages of birth and postpartum care in area hospitals. Bridgett currently provides obstetric care to patients in the Miami area as well.

Bridgett's husband Ainsley has worked in hospitality for 30 years and their combined expertise and compassion for others is the total package. We are so excited to have this team bring an incredible amount of clinical knowledge, hands-on care experience and customer service to newborns and their parents in the Orlando, Tampa and Naples (OTN) area.

In addition to all of her work in women's health and the prenatal, birth and postpartum fields, Bridgett has also administered thousands of COVID vaccines to Florida residents this year. She is also a mother of 1.

When a new franchise opens, we shout it from the rooftops in local and national media. Bridgett has made this very easy on us as we position her as the expert in maternal health that she is! Here she is in Orlando Voyager Magazine and Becker's Hospital Review.

You can learn more about Let Mommy Sleep of the OTN area by contacting Bridgett and her team here.

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