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Night Nurses and Newborn Care: 2023 Employee Benefits

In addition to serving private families, we offer newborn care and postpartum education as an added benefit for businesses wishing to make an impact on the lives of their valued employees. Postpartum benefits go beyond maternity and paternity leave by prioritizing employee welfare upon returning to work. This blog, Night Nurses and Newborn Care: 2023 Employee Benefits describes the program.

Home visits after new parents arrive home with baby, and overnight newborn care provide education, support and restorative sleep to brand new parents during their vulnerable first weeks home. These services ensure vital early intervention opportunities and help parents remain healthy and present upon returning to work.

These simple services are meaningful, measurable wellness benefits for employees and companies alike. Companies will see the following results:

Competitive Advantage in Recruiting

Businesses hiring for specialized positions are often competing with each other among the same pool of applicants. The position's pay and healthcare are naturally factors in an applicant's decision but more recently, so is the feeling that companies actually care by offering substantial benefits (Gallop, 2021).

Retain Top Talent

Asha Santos, partner at Littler Mendelson P.C., advises corporations on employment law and respect in the workplace. Her work and data shows that “How a woman is treated in the months leading up to her maternity leave, and then during leave, and shortly thereafter when she returns to work will determine whether or not a company will be able to retain her.”

Sensible Use of Funds

The postpartum employee benefit care program costs $100 - $1440 per employee welcoming a child. It's important to remember that this amount is spent for those becoming parents, not for the entire workforce. This is substantially lower than the cost of lost productivity due to sleep deprivation (Harvard Medical School, 2011).

Additionally implementation of Let Mommy Sleep's benefit program means retaining employees, a considerably lower expense than replacing them.

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