Meet The Team

Celia Ogilvie, RN
Bergen Co., NJ

Joy Brunnelson & 
Joy Becker, LPN

Bethesda, MD

Erin Thomas-Walker

Jordan Seidel, LC
Las Vegas

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 In addition to owning her LMS franchise, RN Celia also runs an elder care home health agency. 

This expertise and complementary service benefit our whole team...and families!  

Amanda Caperton, RN
Monmouth, NJ

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With a combined 20 years of direct care & case management experience and a combined 6 kids, "the Joys" quick success is a perfect example of how team ownership can work.

Rachel Wolf, RN
Philadelphia, Loudoun VA
Boca Raton

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Prior to joining us, Erin was a mother of 2 in corporate finance. Now she is a mother of 3 whose high-level business experience allows her to be a solo business owner able to balance work and family.

Ashley Groves, RN
Loudoun VA

Boca Raton

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Jordan is a mother of 2, maternal health advocate, lactation counselor and new parent & caregiver educator. Adding business owner to this resume was a natural next step.

Denise Stern
Washington DC

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...and in 2020, Rachel joined forces with Ashley to operate their 3 franchises together! Ashley and Rachel discovered that by delegating specific tasks within each location, they could run all 3 smoothly.

In addition to being the CEO of LMS, Denise has owned the flagship location since 2010. She's a mom of 3 and is dedicated to the success of all the partners.

Amanda is an RN and mother of 1. As a Registered Nurse, LMS is allowing Amanda to live her dream of being an bringing qualified care to postpartum families.

Rachel was our first franchisee, opening in Philadelphia in 2016! Upon that location's success she opened another in South Florida...