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Meet The Team


Amanda Caperton, RN
Monmouth, NJ

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Joy Brunnelson & 
Joy Becker, LPN

DC, Maryland & VA 

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Erin Thomas-Walker


Jordan Seidel, LC
Las Vegas

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Amanda is an RN and mother of 1. As a Registered Nurse, LMS is allowing Amanda to live her dream of being an bringing qualified care to postpartum families.

With a combined 20 years of direct care & case management experience and a combined 6 kids, "the Joys" quick success is a perfect example of how team ownership can work.


Rachel Wolf, RN
Philadelphia, Loudoun VA
Boca Raton

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Prior to joining us, Erin was a mother of 2 in corporate finance. Now she is a mother of 3 whose high-level business experience allows her to be a solo business owner able to balance work and family.


Ashley Groves, RN
Loudoun VA

Boca Raton

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Jordan is a mother of 2, maternal health advocate, lactation counselor and new parent & caregiver educator. Adding business owner to this resume was a natural next step.


Denise Stern

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In addition to being the CEO of LMS, Denise owned the flagship location from 2010 to 2021. She's a mom of 3 and is dedicated to the success of all the partners.

...and in 2020, Rachel joined forces with Ashley to operate their 3 franchises together! Ashley and Rachel discovered that by delegating specific tasks within each location, they could run all 3 smoothly.

Rachel was our first franchisee, opening in Philadelphia in 2016! Upon that location's success she opened another in South Florida...

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